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This platform hosts the VMAT-CΨPRS (Clinical) and PCAM (MPP) Placement Review Instruments

Vignette Matching Assessment Task (VMAT) -
linical PsΨchology Practicum Competencies Rating Scale (CΨPRS)

& Practicum Competencies Assessment M
easure (PCAM)

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The Placement Review Platform is available for use by psychology trainees and placement supervisors of the partner institutions.

Psychology Trainees - Register an account to:
- Add and edit placement details
- Assign a placement to your supervisor
- Complete self-assessment tasks (applies to Clinical Psychology trainees only)
- View results of mid- and end-placement assessments

Supervisors - Register an account to
- View your active supervised placements and trainees
- Assess trainees at mid- and end-placement
- View results of trainee self-assessments (applies to Clinical Psychology trainees only)

Funding for an initial version of this project was provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (2014-2016). The current version of this project is funded by institutions that use the competency instruments including:


For information on using the Placement Review platform at your institution please contact Dr Chien Hoong Gooi c.gooi@unsw.edu.au.