Australian Neuropsychology Alliance of Training and Practice Leaders (ANATPL)

The Australian Neuropsychology Alliance of Training and Practice Leaders (ANATPL) was formed in 2021 with two main aims:

i) To ensure the safety and quality of clinical neuropsychology training programs.
ii) To consolidate and grow the clinical neuropsychology workforce, with a focus on how training programs enable this.

To ensure widespread representation from the profession of clinical neuropsychology within Australia, ANATPL’s members are national leaders in the areas of training, practice and the broader profession. Specifically, they comprise of:

1) tertiary-level educators in clinical neuropsychology, representing all Australian postgraduate training programs;
2) senior clinical neuropsychology practitioners from all states and territories in Australia for the exception of Northern Territory; and
3) members of the national committee of the Australian Psychological Society – College of Clinical Neuropsychologists (CCN).

A recent work of ANATPL has been the development of a comprehensive list of competencies unique to clinical neuropsychologists in Australia. This will be followed up by the development of a national evaluation tool to assess applied competencies.


Contacts: Dana Wong & Vincent Oxenham

The Placement Review Platform is a proud supporter of ANATPL.