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Your details will be used to facilitate ratings of trainee clinical placements, and (if you agree) for research purposes. Your details will be kept secure according to the Data Security Protocol.

If you are a Student / Clinical Trainee please register using your official university student email address.

If you are a Supervisor please register for one account only, even if you supervise trainees from multiple institutions or across different roles.

We are conducting research to review and improve competency rating instruments. Information about the research is available in PDF:

View the CP Information Sheet for Master of Clinical Psychology (VMAT-CYPRS) users.
View the MPP Information Sheet for Master of Professional Psychology (PCAM) users.

You can help by submitting your de-identified data to the project.
No additional time required. You will be contributing to the improvement of competency rating instruments
. Your respective supervisors / trainees will be able to withdraw if they do not want their data included, and only data where both users agree will be used for research purposes.

For research purposes, please enter the month and year of your birth.

Gender used for research demographic purposes only. It is important to understand demographics, even if you choose not to participate in research.

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