PCAM (Professional Psychology Programs)

The Practicum Competencies Assessment Measure (PCAM) is a practicum assessment tool designed specifically for Master of Professional Psychology programs (Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Level 3 standalone programs) to evaluate trainees in the practicum aspects of training.

PCAMThe PCAM uses a categorical scale for supervisors to evaluate competence levels across 12 domains:

1. Diagnostic and Clinical Interviewing*
2. Assessment Interviewing*
3. Risk Assessment^
4. Case Conceptualisation
5. Intervention^
6. Individual and Cultural Diversity
7. Psychological Testing^
8. Relational and Communication
9. Professionalism
10. Ethical Practice
11. Scientist Practitioner
12. Reflective Practitioner

* Supervisors select one out of the two domains to be assessed
^ Optional domains

The Placement Review platform offers supervisors from subscribing institutions both Mid and End Placement Review PCAM modules.

For more information around the PCAM or institution subscriptions, please contact admin@placementreview.net