Award-Winning Clinical & Research Team

We are privileged to have a dedicated team from a range of backgrounds and holding a wealth of expertise, and it is through a collaborative effect that our work has been acknowledged.

Our Awards
The team's commitment to clinical supervision excellence has led to the attainment of a number of key achievements and awards.

The research team has been awarded two significant research grants, and we gratefully acknowledge this funding support from the Australian Government through the Australian Learning and Teaching Council and the Office for Learning and Teaching.
  • 2010 Australian Learning &Teaching Council (ALTC), Research Grant
  • 2014 Office for Learning & Teaching, Innovation and Development Research Grant
Dissemination Opportunities
In recognition of the endeavors undertaken by the research team, we have been given the opportunity to present our research on an international stage.

Invited Keynote Address
In 2017, Professor Craig Gonsalvez addressed world leaders in the field of interdisciplinary clinical supervision. This invitation to present a Keynote Address  at the 13th International Interdisciplinary Clinical Supervision Conference was an important recognition of the team's achievements, and ongoing commitment to research and supervision excellence.

Australian Psychologist - Special Edition
In 2017, Professors Craig Gonsalvez and Frank Deane, in association with Dr Analise O’Donovan  from Griffith University, edited a special edition of an Australian Psychological Society  journal, Australian Psychologist . This special edition, Recent Developments in Professional Supervision: Challenges and Practice Implications , showcased emerging developments in supervision theory and practice, and recognised the importance of supervision on trainees' professional competence. The edition specifically highlighted competency-based theory, summative assessment of trainee competence, placement access, supervision training and e-supervision. Learn more about the special edition, and view our other research outputs and publications.

Awards of Recognition
The project's chief researcher, Professor Craig Gonsalvez has been the recipient of two prestigious awards in recognition of his ongoing committment to teaching, research, and supervision excellence.

2017 Award for Teaching Excellence
Presented as part of the 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching , the prize – for the category of Social and Behavioural Sciences – was awarded to Professor Gonsalvez for the outstanding quality of teaching resources developed to enhance the quality of clinical supervision in higher education. Read the 2017 Awards booklet  and learn more about the award at our News Centre .

2016 Office for Learning and Teaching National Award
In 2016, Professor Gonsalvez was a recipient of a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning: For Enhancing Placement Outcomes and Experiences for Psychology Students Through Competency-Based Supervision, Training and Assessment. Read the 2016 Citations booklet  to learn more.